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How to Prepare NDA SSB Written Exam in Few days

Every year lacks of candidates apply for NDA exam but few make it, some get able to crack written exam but SSB out at the last step. The reason behind the failure is lack of preparation and right strategy for which Gurukul Career Group best NDA coaching in Chandigarh is always there to help you and assured your success. As we said right direction is always needed to crack any competitive exam and NDA Coaching in Chandigarh make it little easier for you to crack NDA exam within few months. Reason behind the best NDA coaching is its faculty Gurukul Career Group has best teachers in north India. Our team always put best efforts to give best result and fulfil your dream. Today in this article we will discuss about the strategy to crack NDA SSB with few days’ preparation. How to Prepare NDA SSB Written Exam in Few days

Strategy to prepare yourself for NDA SSB within few days

Most important thing, NDA candidates got to understand that they’re not competing with fellow candidates. So always try to make friend during this 5days SSB and definitely you will learn lots of things from others and surrounding.

Next, you would like to start out preparing for the SSB interview as soon as possible (even before you recognize the results of a written exam) to hone up your OLQs.

Below given are some amazing tips which will assist you steel oneself against the upcoming NDA SSB Interview.

Have detailed knowledge: The First step would be to understand everything about defence sector and field you’ll be applying for. Have insight about everything that’s associated with the service.

Also get to understand everything about the 5-day SSB procedure in detail- different stages, tests, marks, difficulty level, time constraints, etc.

Perform Self-introspection:  In order to supply proper SD (Self-Description), every candidate must know himself/herself better. You’ll be asked about your strengths, weaknesses and lots of things associated with yourself during PI also.

Perform self-analysis and know everything about your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, interests, hobbies, friends, family, academics, education, dreams, etc.

Only when you yourself better, you’ll be ready to answer correctly about every situation that went on in your life.

Preparing for Psychology: Practice TAT. attempt to write different stories on 1 image, enhance your imagination power and broaden your ideas. Also, confirm to stay track of your time whilst doing so.

Practice for WAT and don’t cram phrases and idioms. WAT is conducted to check your imagination power, intelligence, logical reasoning and personality. Most of the words shown in WAT are negative to see how you react to them. Practice and check out to convert negative words into something optimistic or provide facts. for instance, if you’re given the word Anger, you’ll write “Anger can cause regretful and poor decisions”.

Practice some SRT daily and supply realistic and practical solutions for things with good action plan