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Section Wise Tips To Prepare Chandigarh Police Exam

Chandigarh police administration soon going to announce a total of 1400+ Vacancies of Chandigarh Police for the year 2021 that will be filled through the Chandigarh police constable & SI 2021 Exam. The official recruitment notification will be uploaded on the official website in coming months. The Application Process will start soon. Exam dates for the written exam of Chandigarh police constable & SI 2021 will be conducted after 2 months of announcement of recruitment. It would be befitting to discuss the Section wise tips to prepare for Chandigarh Police Exam for preparation strategy for Chandigarh police Exam that would definitely help you. These Preparation tips are prepared by experts from Gurukul Career Group best Chandigarh police Coaching in Chandigarh.

Quantitative Aptitude:

The syllabus of Quantitative Aptitude for Chandigarh police exam covers only basic mathematics topic and excludes advanced math’s. However, candidates should specialize in improving their calculative speed and accuracy.

Candidates should regularly attempt mock tests because it would definitely help in improving accuracy and speed to fasten the calculation speed and accuracy memories squares from 1-30, cubes from 1-30 and tables at least up to 20.

Pay keen attention to minute mistakes because the syllabus includes topics like average, percentage, profit-loss etc. In these topics, candidates tend to commit tons of small mistakes and choose the wrong answer.

Read the questions and therefore the options carefully as during this section, similar options are as long as look similar initially glance but are literally different While attempting this section, don’t grind to a halt on any question. just skip the question.

Make notes of all the important formulae and tricks that might help in quick revision.

Section Wise Tips To Prepare Chandigarh Police Exam

Basic Law/ Constitution/General Knowledge:

This section is filled with factual information and data. the most problem faced by students is the way to memories the numbers, name of personalities, places etc. the foremost common and effective approach is to form the list of important things under each topic and revise regularly.

For Example:

Make an inventory of GI tags of all states

Important wildlife sanctuaries and national parks

Important stadiums and airports

List of folk’s songs, dances and songs of states

Make separate notes of Chandigarh Punjab Haryana related static public knowledge.

General Studies

General Studies may be a mixture of basic conceptual knowledge and a few factual knowledges.

Learn the essential concepts to develop an understanding

Make important notes and mnemonics to memories and recall things easy.

For E.g.

Understand the functioning of the govt, sort of government and powers of various constitution position

Make notes of Articles associated with that topic, number of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha seats

Make sure you thoroughly learn Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana related topics like geography, history, economy and polity of Chandigarh, Haryana and Punjab.

In addition to the point, study the important and relevant acts and government schemes of the Chandigarh government.

Current Affairs:

Read Daily News Paper

Make short notes and tricks to memories easily and recall at exam time topics like important days, appointment, obituaries, awards and author etc.

Practice Daily Current Affairs Quiz at the top of the day

Read Monthly Current Affairs magazine provided to you by Gurukul career group best Chandigarh police coaching.

Mental Aptitude Test/ IQ Test/Reasoning

The topics, given within the syllabus of the reasoning section of the UP-SI Exam, are easy and may easily be solved and mastered with regular practice.

Keep practicing mock tests and previous your papers

Learn the essential concepts that might help in developing the understanding of the topic.

Once you’re through with learning the essential concepts, practice a couple of questions regularly.

Learn the tricks of that specific topic that might function a quicker thanks to solve the question in lesser time.

In questions of deciding and judgement, read the question carefully, understand the core problem, consider all the aspect then answer the question.