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Strategy to Crack NDA Written Exam-2021

NDA means National Defence Academy is a dream of many but few cracks this NDA Exam. Every year NDA exam is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) twice a year to recruit officers for Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Air Force. To Join NDA, one has to qualify entrance and SSB which is core course of our Gurukul Career Group which is Best NDA Coaching in Chandigarh.

“I will not die in an accident or die of any disease. I will go down in Glory”. This is the motivating factor which drives the defence aspirants studying with us. Some goals are so worthy, that it’s glorious even to fail. Preparing oneself to serve in the defence forces and get prepared for NDA Exam is the first step to create a life worth living. We are more than willing to assist you in achieving your goals. We fight to win and win with a knock out, because there are no runners up in any war whether it is examination or battlefield.

To Crack this NDA Exam Firstly, we have to be mentally and emotionally ready to achieve something in tangible terms. Once you are firm in your belief, miracles are the by-products.

NDA examination is a booster in the stepping stone in the career of a student. In these uncertain times when being alive itself is a miracle, being ambitious and trying to achieve your goal is an extraordinary feat. We seldom realise how powerful our mind is.

Instead of allowing our mind to welcome challenges we condition it to avoid them. You should allow your mind to expect the most unexpected outcomes and prepare it to face any challenges without the worry of outcomes. Anxiety, if you look at it closely, is a stupid thing. You are worrying about things that haven’t taken place yet. If you can just think clearly for a moment you will realise that all your fears are imaginary and are invented by your mind. All it takes is to realise that these imaginary thoughts are harming your more than benefiting you. Stay away from all the thoughts by making peace with them. Below this upper layer of anxiety lies that strong layer of confidence which is very much part of your mind. Wake it up and keep it alive.

I am remembering a small anecdote which my primary teacher taught. And it is apt for the student preparing for NDA Exam.

A man has purchased a cow, and he is not accustomed to dealing with cows. So he was trying to drag the cow along holding its horns, and the cow was not pleased and resisted without moving an inch forward. The cow wanted to go to her home, she wanted to go to her old owner.